Do you know who paints your walls? Who applies varnish and wallpaper in it? Did you see who put coated the walls, not just in your house but also ate your office building and other commercial and industrial structures in town? If yes, good for you! If NO, then you need to continue reading.  


The man behind our well painted and vibrant walls is the painter and decorator. He is a professional tradesman that can do all the wall works for you. This is not just a practical life skill and trade but this skill has also its decorative function. Walls need painting to protect it from damage due to weather, molds and rust. We also paint it to make it awesome. Let us take a peek in a painter and decorator life, to know what they do. 

Painter and decorator have many duties and task. Let us start with the first one. They evaluate the surfaces to be painted, its size and condition in order to identify what preliminary work should be done. By this time, the painter and decorator Plymouth will provide the estimate, which includes the time and cost to complete the painting job. The estimate is a detailed record of the material and labor cost together with the timeline. 

Second, the painter and decorator will prepare the working area. This starts by installing or erecting platforms, scaffold towers or ladders. Then, they cover the areas that do not need to be painted. All things near the floor should be covered and protected like the furniture, floors, sockets and windows.  

Third, the painter and decorator will make sure that the surfaces to be painted are smooth, even and clean. They can do this by removing the old paint or any coating on the old wall. They use different tools like, scrappers and spatulas. They level the crack surfaces by filling it, the crevices by using plaster or any filler. Deteriorated plasters are removed when the walls to be painted are external walls. They use scalpels or knife to do this. When really needed, they also replace it with a new plaster. This serves as a base for paint application. The wall should also be clean and dust-free.  

Fourth, this is the main work, the paint work begins. The painter and decorator will choose the suitable type of paint depending on the surface of the wall and in what room it is located. This is done to achieve desirable results with the agreed color with the client. During this time, paint is mixed with other substances. The first thing to put is a base coat or primer, followed by the color desired. 

Fifth, painting is done, so it’s time to pack up.  The painter decorator will dismantle the scaffolding they installed, remove the covers and return the items in place. They will also clean the working area and work tools used.  

Being a painter and decorator is not an easy task. Painting is not just throwing paint in your wall. It needs plan, proper tools and systematic process to make your wall, better than before.